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20 hours ago

Review of the 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

As a huge BMW fan I was pretty pumped to see this baby coming down the pipe! Enthusiasts winced when news came through that BMW would subject the latest 3-series to its Gran Turismo treatment. With all the recent talk about offering front-wheel-drive cars and electric vehicles, not to mention the Pillsbury Doughboy-as-wagon-replacement 5-series GT, haven't we been subjected to enough BMW experimentation lately?

Our feelings notwithstanding, BMW's goal is to pull yet another genre-bending derivative off a perfectly fine sedan. This one is designed to offer a lot more space and versatility than in the sedan while avoiding the station wagon look that—inexplicably—is dreaded by customers outside Europe. So here comes the 3-series GT, which, like its big brother autel maxisys elite, the 5-series GT, tries to be a master of all disciplines.

Extra rear-seat room? Check - at least as much as the bigger 5 Series sedan, because the new 3 Series Gran Turismo rides on the extended (by 4.3 inches) wheelbase of the Chinese-market 3 Series sedan. Extra trunk space and seat-fold versatility? Check - more than the 3 Series wagon. Availability of XDrive? Check - so it's good for cold-climate states, if not for true off-highway use. Higher seating position? Check - same altitude as an X1 crossover, a fact that will endear the car to seniors, though of course they won't be ousting mountain-biking, surfing 30-something couples from the ad campaigns.

The cabin is roomier than the sloping roofline suggests, and the backseat is especially accommodating for adults. Legroom is up 2.8 inches compared to the 3 Series sedan and sport wagon, and you can tell when you get in. There's enough room to stretch your legs a bit, unusual in this part of the luxury segment. The 3 Series GT is a bigger car than the sport wagon, measuring nearly 8 inches longer overall.

Although it reacts more slowly than we'd like, at least it is precise. Kudos to the chassis engineers, who installed an extra bolstering link around the rear chassis compared with other 3 Series. The bodywork has been greatly stiffened in key areas, especially around the hatchback opening and the suspension pickups.

BMW has not announced pricing yet, but we expect the 3-series GT to begin well below $50,000. The car will be in showrooms in late summer. For now, we advise enthusiasts to relax. The 3-series GT looks agreeable, drives well, and offers plenty of space. You might not love it at first sight, but when you find yourself in need of room for a family, a hobby, or a hobby horse, you might just be glad it exists. And if you still don't like it, BMW will be happy to sell you a proper 3-series wagon.

BMW has not announced pricing yet, but we expect the 3-series GT to begin well below $50,000. The car will be in showrooms in late summer. For now, we advise enthusiasts to relax. The 3-series GT looks agreeable, drives well, and offers plenty of space. You might not love it at first sight, but when you find yourself in need of room for a family, a hobby, or a hobby horse, you might just be glad it exists. And if you still don't like it, BMW will be happy to sell you a proper 3-series wagon.

JackylnBethny has been repairing cars with her father at his Engine Rebuilding Shop since she was a teenager autel maxisys ms906. She later went on to own and operate a used car dealership that specialized in BMW repair and she still loves doing weekend rebuilds on old junk cars. Site:
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3 days ago

Replacing Your Automotive Carpet

Nothing is more miserable or disgusting in a car than dirty and smelly carpet. Have you ever spilled soda, milk, motor oil or even bleach on your vehicle's carpet and thought to yourself that it would be nice to just replace the whole thing instead of trying to clean it? Well, it's actually possible to do just that, and the job isn't as difficult as you would think. Many people find it more cost efficient to replace their auto carpet, instead of trying to clean the dirt or smell from a soiled auto carpet.

Once the carpet has relaxed, you can begin the job of installing the new auto carpet. The first step will be to remove the existing carpet from the vehicle. You may need to remove the sill plates by the doors, the seats and seat tracks if they are holding down the auto carpet and the center console autel maxisys elite. Basically, anything that is holding down the carpet will need to be removed in order to get the carpet out. Be careful not to destroy the existing carpet, and certainly do not throw the carpet away or discard it, as you will need to use it in a few minutes autel maxisys pro ms908p. Just set the carpet aside for the time being.

Once the auto carpet is in place, and trimmed to fit, now you can begin to replace the pieces that were holding the original carpet in place. If you removed the seats, sill plates and trim pieces, then all of these pieces will need to go back into the vehicle.

Once all of pieces are back in place, your job is complete. You will be amazed at how much difference a little work can make to the appearance of your vehicle, not to mention removing that horrible smell that some things like milk can leave behind!


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7 days ago

Rental Cars For Sale spa What to Consider

Nowadays, having a car to drive is essential. Driving a car is no longer just one of the options for those who are packed on tier wallets. Now, even anyone can actually buy a good car even with a modest amount of money Autel MaxiDiag MD802. There are many ways to buy a used or old car. You can buy used cars from garages, from dealers, from online auctions, and even from eBay. Now, you can even buy rental cars for sale. If you are looking for a good rental car for sale autel online, then here are some important points to consider…

If you are looking for your first car to drive or if you are looking for a car that you can give your teenager, then buying rental cars for sale can be a reasonable choice, First of all, buying a second-hand car does not require you to have a big budget. You can be assured that you can get a car in good working condition even with a smaller amount of money. So if you are looking for a good car that you can simply drive to and from work, or a car that you can give your wife to use for errands, or a car that your teenager can use for school, then buying a used but good car is a sound choice. It will serve its purpose and it will not be too heavy to shoulder financially.

Aside from the price, the next thing that you have to consider is the condition of the car you choose. You have to know much about cars or at least bring someone who can help you examine and scrutinize your desired car. Buying rental cars for sale can be practical and even wise if you find a car that is more than what you have paid for. This can only happen if you carefully check not just the car's engine, its body, its interior but also its overall performance. You have to take note that some rental cars for sale have heavy wear and tear on them so it is possible that you get ripped off if you do not know how to evaluate used cars.

If you want to take a look at rental cars for sale, then you can either deal with a dealer or a closed rental shop. A dealer will usually have a commission out of the sale but you can also get added services like maintenance and repair. With an old rental company that has closed shop, you can get lower prices especially if they just want to get rid of their vehicles as soon as possible.

One good way to search for rental cars for sale is to browse online. There are many sites that offer many used cars in good running condition. You can either bid for them or you can buy them right out. Be sure to deal with reputable online car sellers or dealers online and always choose to inspect a car first before you commit to buying one.

For more great information about cheap rental cars , visit our new website today.
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2 weeks ago

Reasons You Should Tint Your Car Windows

Typically people feel that tinted windows are for Hollywood superstars and teenagers who are trying to show off but each day more adults are beginning to see why tinting their windows is not only good for their vehicle but also makes them stand out. Now it's always fun to stand out when driving and you'll definitely notice many more looks your way when you have tinted windows on your car. It costs a real modest fee to have your windows tinted and the pleasure of having everyone stare at your car is awesome. You'll also gain privacy from having your windows tinted, so this means not everyone can look into your windows and see what you're doing. This is good for people who like singing but get embarrassed when spotted, because with tinted windows you have no concerns about being spotted.

Tinted windows also offer many more benefits to the owner including the ability to help you see in the sun. The tint acts as sunblock basically and this will ensure that you can see through even the brightest of sunny days. It can be hard sometimes to drive when you have a glare in your window but with tinted windows there is no glare at all and you won't need to be concerned about getting into any accidents due to lose of vision.

Your windows become stronger once they have been tinted as well so this means little rocks that fly up at your windshield will have a tougher time cracking it. This can save countless dollars and trips to the mechanic because as most of you know even the smallest of rocks can crack windshields. Tint will help protect you from this so it's almost ensuring that your investment is saved through not having to purchase as many new windshields.

Tinting comes in much different strength and you need to check the code in your jurisdiction to ensure the strength of tint you use is legal autel maxicheck pro. Having to dark of window tint can cause you to get ticketed by the police and many times they will make you remove the tint right on the spot Autel MaxiSys MS908. If it's legal make sure you keep records of it being legal so that if you run into a problem with a cop you can simply show them the proof and tell them to be on their way.

So not only do you get the exposed popularity from driving around with tinted windows there are also many legitimate reasons why you should have tint on your windows. If this doesn't sway you to tint your windows then I suppose you might just not be cut out to be that cool while driving. Not everyone enjoys tint and the attention, but I know I love it when driving which is why my windows are tinted to the darkest legal level in my region. You can get your car windows tinted for quite cheap and if you research around your region you'll find many mechanics that will do it for very cheap and within a quick amount of time so you can start driving.

Kansas Auto Transport Car Shipping Kansas
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2 weeks ago

Raymond Sommer the Lionheart

Raymond Sommer was born on August 31, 1906 in Mouzon, a small French town located in the Ardennes Department. Sommer had a family role model for risk-taking as in 1909 his father, Roger Sommer, broke the record set by the Wright Brothers for the longest flight. Sommer's family owned a carpet manufacturing business in the nearby town of Sedan. As their business was highly prosperous Sommer was able to pursue his love for racing. Sommer entered his first race in 1930 driving a privateer Chrysler Imperial. The following year, driving the same Chrysler, he won the Spa 24-hour race.

In 1932 Sommer purchased an Alfa Romeo "mille Miglia" 8C and entered the 24 Hours of LeMans. Luigi Chinneti was his teammate however Luigi became ill, throwing the burden of driving onto Sommer who was forced to stay behind the wheel for twenty hours. Sommer was also ill and exhausted both from the excessive driving and the exhaust fumes emitting from a ruptured collector. In spite of the problems, they won. Then in the latter half of the 1932 racing season, Sommer bought a Monza, which he entered in several events and at the end of the season won the Marseilles Grand Prix at Miramas.

He started in 1933 with a new 8CM Maserati but after several competitions and no wins, Sommer went back to the Monza. However, he had only places and no wins. Then he teamed up with Tazio Nuvolari to share an 8C at LeMans. This time he earned his second consecutive victory. Nuvolari brought the car through a thrilling finish completing the last lap just seconds ahead of Chinetti in spite of fading brakes and a leaky fuel tank.

The following year, 1934 was a bad season for Sommer as he was continually forced to retire due to mechanical problems. In 1935 he purchased a 1932 P3 from Scuderia Ferrari and finished first at Comminges and in the GP de I'UMF at Montlhery Maxisys. Sommer rebounded in 1936 and won the French Grand Prix. However, he again returned to endurance racing and won the Spa 24 Hours autel maxisys pro ms908p, the Marseilles Three Hours at Miramas and the Grand Prix de Tunisie. When the Nazis invaded and occupied France at the beginning of World War II, Sommer like so many of his fellow racing drivers, joined the French Resistance movement.

As soon as the war ended, Raymond returned to racing with his first victory in the 1946 Rene Le Begue Cup race at Saint-Cloud. In 1947 he won the Turin Grand Prix in Valentino Park for Enzo Ferrari. Raymond was the first non-Italian to be hired by Ferrari. Sommer drove five Grand Prix races in 1950 but had to retire in all but one due to mechanical problems. He did win the Aix les Bains Circuit du Lac Grand-Prix in July. In September 1950 during the Haute-Garonne Grand Prix in Cadours, France, his steering mal-functioned causing the car to run off the road and crash. Sommer was killed instantly.

Sommer had been nicknamed Coeur de Lion (Lionheart) for even though his cars often failed him, he was always either in the lead or fighting for it.

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3 weeks ago

Purchasing Golf Cart Covers

If you're going to purchase a new golf cart, then you'll probably want to consider purchasing one of the many types of golf cart covers that are available. Golf cart covers not only protect your golf cart investment, but offer a range different features and purposes depending on which type of golf cart cover you choose.

If you will be storing your golf cart indoors, such as in a garage or other covered area, you may not need a whole golf cart cover, as your golf cart will be protected from the elements. However, even if your golf cart will be stored underneath a structure of some type, if it is not fully enclosed you may still wish to get a golf cart cover so that your cart is protected from the wind and sun.

Even moderate amounts of wind and sun exposure can age your golf cart more significantly than you may imagine autel maxisys elite. If you'd like your golf cart to stay bright and keep the fabric and paint from getting faded, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by protecting your golf cart with a golf cart cover.

Though quality golf cart covers can be somewhat expensive, at a couple to a few hundred dollars for nicer covers, it is well worth the price if you'd like to keep your golf cart like new. In addition to golf cart covers, there are golf cart windshields, golf cart rain covers and golf cart rain hoods to meet every weather condition and golfing need.

Golf cart windshields are see-through sheets of durable plastic that attach to the top, front portion of a golf cart and hang down to cover the entire front of the vehicle. Golf cart windshields attach along the top and bottom sides. Some models of golf cart windshields attach to the side supports as well. These can be handy devices for cutting down on the amount of wind that passes through the golf cart.

Golf cart rain covers can be used as covers for parked golf carts, or as extra protection from rain while operating the golf cart. These are a nice way to keep rain off of passengers if it starts sprinkling. Golf cart rain covers can be folded and stored in a compartment of the golf cart for easy application as the need arises.

For your clubs, there are golf bag rain hoods that can keep your clubs from getting wet. For the most part, these are simply durable plastic bags with elastic at one end, similar to a shower cap MaxiSys Mini. The elastic holds snugly to the top of the golf club bag and keeps your precious golf clubs fro being ruined by water damage.

For a list of golf cart cover retailers, try doing an internet search for golf cart covers, but be sure to include some additional information so that your search results are as relevant to you as possible. For example, if you already know which brand or model of golf cart cover you want, be sure to include the information in your search of the internet.

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4 weeks ago

Promote on the Road With a Roadshow Trailer

Nope, they’re not giant trucks â€" and they’re more than just humongous automobiles on the road Autel MaxiSys. Roadshow Trailers are huge automobiles that are pulled by one or more cars, which have the engines for locomotion. Nowadays, the use of a roadshow trailer in promoting a certain product or exhibit is a popular, and modern way of getting the street crowd’s attention.

It’s More Than Just a Truck

What’s really interesting about roadshow trailers is its size and mobility. Roadshow trailers are huge enough to cater to exhibits, band shows, and all other promotional ideas. But even though it’s spacious enough, it gets on the road in no time. Therefore, it’s very mobile!

The use of trailers come in handy for companies that are promoting fresh merchandise or for singing bands that are reaching out their songs to the fans. Usually, these trailers stop in one place to another, showcasing the product or commodity that it seeks to deliver to the public consumers. This type of business strategy is what they call, Interactive Marketing.

Roadshow Trailer and Interactive Marketing

Using roadshow trailers is an absolute example of interactive marketing. Interactive marketing refers to an innovative marketing approach wherein there is a significant conversation between the consumer and the seller whereby the seller pays enough attention to the responses of the consumer.

Roadshow Trailers embody this type of marketing since it reaches out to the consumers and it allows the company to reach out to the people. Bands that seek to let the people hear about their songs often use these trailers too.

Non-stops Shows

What better way can a band or a group of people showcase their talents to the public than having a country tour? A country tour from one city to the other is often made easy and achievable by roadshow trailers. Bands who have great songs can play on the street in a different city every night if they use trailers.

If a band makes use of a trailer to produce shows in various places, it’s quite very easy autel maxisys elite. All they need to set up is their sound system, some designs perhaps, the perfect spot and viola â€" the trailer becomes their stage and sooner or later once the guitarist starts to strum his instrument, the crowd will just come together.

The same principle applies to other shows â€" a simple trailer would actually just need a good weather, a nice ambience, a heated-up crowd, an empty space, and some music and performers â€" then, the show goes on! There’s no need to do tedious preparations such as booking the venue and designing the stage.

One of the Best Marketing Strategies

Companies can make use of the trailer’s mobility and practical purpose in introducing a new product to the community. Trailers are also excellent tools for cross-country exhibits. Plus, bands can take their shows on the road and sellers can promote their goods even on parking lots.

At Showmobile we have worked with a wide variety of customers in different industries helping them create the ideal roadshow trailer for their needs. We have worked with many well known companies as well as many independent companies, where we have helped them display their products in a way which will capture the attention of everyone passing by and will intrigue them to come inside and take a closer look at what the company can offer. We offer a wide variety of services including trailer hire, the selling of new and used trailers and we also offer a refurbishment service on your existing trailers. We can help you make your roadshow trailer ideas a reality.

Mandi Pardley is the sales coordinator at Smart SEO and works to ensure SEO is used efficiently in clients marketing campaigns and she works with clients to devise the appropriate course of action. Smart SEO is based in Lancashire for the past 5 years. Using a roadshow trailer as a marketing strategy is a very efficient and effective tool. , Indeed are one cool way to attract attention while being on the road.
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